About TestPages

This is a set of pages to use for practicing automating or testing.


I (Alan Richardson) created this, because I believe the best way to improve your testing skills is to practice.

Learning how to practice is a skill that takes time.

Testing is a rich and varied process. There are many different ways of viewing a system and exploring its functionality. Each exercise and test page will pay dividends on repeat visits.

The more you learn how to practice, the more value you can get from these pages.

Patreon supporters can download a free 205 page ebook of exercises and notes based on one of these pages, the 7 Char Validation application.

The secret to Software Testing is Taking Action. When we are faced with a system that we don't know, or don't know how to test, then we try, we explore. By taking action we learn:

We learn by doing.


Some of the examples are suitable for manual exploratory testing, learning HTML, learning Technical Web Testing, and JavaScript hacking.

The "About" page for each of the practice pages should provide more hints, tips and possibly sample exercises.

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This is a set of pages which were originally written for the purpose of training people in Selenium/WebDriver, and working through books written by Alan Richardson

The original pages are still available on github.

You may use these pages for study and practice. You can download the source from github.

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