Other Practice Sites

This is not the only practice site online. We've listed a few other sites that we know of below, that we think offer useful testing and automating challenges.

You can use these for automation testing practice and develop your test automation skills. The applications may well repeat similar components but the more you automate and practice the better you get.

NOTE: We have only listed sites that were created as practice applications and those without extensive and intrusive ads.

They are presented in Alphabetic order.

How to Use These Testing Practice Sites

This list of websites to practice test automation are not something to look at once. We recommend re-visiting the sites you like best and trying multiple ways to automate and test the examples.

On each practice session you can try new approaches. I regularly revisit my own practice test applications and find new bugs and new ideas for practicing.

For Automating

If you are using these sites to practice your automating and test automation skills then I recommend:

For Testing

Buggy Games

Buggy Games Screenshot

Buggy Games

A small set of fun, and deliberately buggy or hackable games.

Contact List App

Contact List Screenshot

Contact List App

Kristin Jackvony's Contact List App offers a simple UI and a REST API with full documentation.

Demo Blaze Product Store

Product Store Screenshot

Product Store

An example e-commerce web site.

Practice Automation

Practice Automation Screenshot

Practice Automation

The Practice Automation site from AutomateNow has a page dedicated to each of the included example types e.g. tables, sliders, delays, etc.

Practice Software Testing Toolshop

Toolshop screenshot


An example e-commerce web site.

React Shopping Cart

React Shopping Cart screenshot

React Shopping Cart

A Firebase backed test e-commerce site.

Restful Booker

Restful Booker screenshot

Web App

A hotel booking CMS example with the main page and admin interface. A web app and API.

Simple Todo List

Todo List Screenshot

Simple Todo List

A Simple Todo List Application written with HTML and JavaScript, and using Local Browser Storage. Based on the Vanilla JS Todo MVC Project. But heavily re-written to simplify, add more bug and automation potential, and add an admin feature set.

The application was used as the sample app in my Linkedin Learning Course Selenium WebDriver Page Objects and Abstractions

Swag Labs

Swag Labs Screenshot

Swag Labs

A dummy e-commerce site. First login, with one of the users. Each user is in a different 'account state' to expose different scenarios.

Then there are a bunch of shopping cart scenarios to explore.

The application is written in React and uses LocalStorage.

Swagger Petstore

Swagger Petstore Screenshot

Petstore API

A test REST API provided by swagger.

Sweet Shop

Sweetshop Screenshot


A Sweetshop designed to encourage you to explore the browser Dev Tools. Check out the cookies, local storage and network traffic.

The site was created by Viv Richards and together we collaborated on a Dev Tools workshop. The slides are available here

There are exercises in the slide deck around the Sweetshop and other sites.

Tester's Playground

Testers Playground Screenshot

The Tester's Playground

Another application from Viv Richards. This one is designed around a set of 'challenges' that encourage you to use the Dev Tools. There are often multiple ways to solve the challenges.

Testing Challenges

Testing Challenges Screenshot

Testing Challenges

A set of 10 pages with full instructions to use as Software Testing challenges.


The Internet Screenshot

The Internet

A list of sample pages, each offering a variety of controls to experiment with.

Be careful because the 'upload' page will upload your content. And it can be downloaded from the download page. Do not download anything already there as you don't know what it contains. And do not upload anything you don't want everyone to see.

The Test Pages

The Test Pages Screenshot

The Test Pages

This very site. It would be inappropriate to miss it from the list. Every application has an about page with hints, tips and exercises. Suitable for automating and exploring.

The Pulper

The Pulper Screenshot

The Pulper

A sibling site to this one.

The Pulper is a simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application for managing a pulp book and magazine collection.

Everything runs in memory so there is no database to worry about.

The Pulper has multiple versions built in, the drop down admin menu allows selecting a version, or you can choose a version from the “Help” page.

The Pulper comes with built in canned data so you can instantly start navigating around and getting a feel for the application.

The application has some deliberate bugs, some of which are fixed in later versions of the app.

I created an exclusive course and workbook for Patreon Supporters describing how to use this to practice testing.

UI Test Automation Playground

Ui Test Automation Playground Screenshot


A clean set of examples to work through.

Other Lists

Other sites and applications are listed in the external posts below.

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