About Cookie Controlled Page

A 'fake' login page using JavaScript and Cookies.


This page simulates a login process.

You should not be able to visit the AdminView or SuperAdminView pages without being 'logged in' as the correct the user

You should only be able to visit the SuperAdminView page when logged in as SuperAdmin.

And (once logged in) you should not be able to come back to this page until you logout.

Try it and see - and use dev tools to mess with the cookie or try and inject a cookie with your automated execution

When you type in the correct username (e.g. Admin) and password (AdminPass), a cookie is created, and you are redirected to the associated 'Admin View' page.


The Cookie represents a session cookie that would be created upon successful login for a normal login process.

Each page has JavaScript that detects the cookie.

Note: The SuperAdminView page is protected at the server level by the cookie so there are slight behavioural differences to explore between the AdminView and SuperAdminView.

You can only access the AdminView page or SuperAdminView page when the cookie is set.

When the cookie is set the login page will redirect you to the AdminView Page.

Use the AdminLogout link to remove the cookie.


Using your Automated Execution tool you should be able to create a cookie and bypass the login process.

Injecting cookies is often done during Automated Execution to speed up access to a logged in section of an application.

Use the Browser Dev Tools to inspect the cookie and find the correct format and information to add.

You can also change the cookie details and delete them using the Browser Dev Tools to help you with your testing.

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